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       Nitro Chemical Industry Ltd. offers customers the best quality of Nitrocellulose for use in the lacquers for wood, paper, coating, printing ink, aircraft lacquer, protective lacquer, aluminum foil coating and etc. Because of its rapid drying properties and high tensile strength, Nitrocellulose is generally employed for coating industry.


       The product under the NCI all manufactured “Continuous Process” by most advanced high-tech machinery and equipments, all computerized control. Every production batch has been strictly controlled and inspected by experience engineers and well-trained operators to ensure the international standard quality, combined with a careful selection of supplies complying with priority standard of quality to maintain the quality.


       The great technological capacity developed has allowed us to develop different product for the most diverse application within industry in general.


       We have supplied two kinds of product “SS and RS” grade with a various viscosity upon its application.