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SS 1/8, 1/4

Gravure ink, Flexible ink

RS 1/16, 1/8

Lacquers for wood and paper where the highest solids content is desired.

RS 1/4

Lacquers where high solids content is called for e.g. brushing lacquers wood finishes and paper coating.

RS 1/2

Automobile and wood-finish lacquers brushing lacquers, paper coating etc.

RS 5

Aircraft lacquers, finishes for split and grained leather and for more purposes where RS 20 finds application.

RS 20

Aircraft dopes, finishes for grained leather, pharmaceutical collodions, protective finishes for metal, fabric and leather.

RS 40

Bronzing solution, dipping lacquers where an extremely thin finish is desired also finishing lacquer for grained leather.

RS 120

Fluorescent light coating high-viscosity lacquer.